Date R*n Scribe Hares Where
03/23/15 #1703 Do Her Well Primal Vagina Bay St and Lyon St
03/16/15 Ides of March (1702) Do Her Well the titty boo boo Portsmouth Square, Chinatown
03/09/15 #1701 Do Her Well Hold My Bitch & Slap a Bag of Dickz Kern & Brompton
02/23/15 #1699 Do Her Well Deep Stroke & Dildo Baggins Jefferson Square Park
02/02/15 #1696 Do Her Well Gobble My Ass Buena Vista Park
01/19/15 #1694 Do Her Well Hoseblower, Ultrahead & Handpump Ruth Asawa SOTA McAteer High
01/12/15 #1692 Do Her Well Muff Daddy SOMA, 12th St & Kissling St
01/05/15 #1691 Shaft Public Enema & Who's Your Daddy Wawona at 20th Avenue
11/10/14 Remembrance Day (1683) Good Shit Lollicock Cuming Mutha & Fucker 25th and Lincoln
01/27/14 #1640 Broken Boner Dick Simmons & Roman Shower Huntington Park, Nob Hill
12/30/13 #1636 Broken Boner Cherry Poppins and My Little Porno Kite Hill Open Space
09/23/13 #1622 Broken Boner Hold My Bitch & just Tomasz Franklin Square (Hampshire St @17th)
09/16/13 #1621 Broken Boner Fucker, Just Doesn't Get It Glen Park - Kern and Brompton
09/09/13 Back To Schoolgirl Hash (1620) Broken Boner Cockodile & My Little Porno Jefferson Square Park on Eddy
07/15/13 FHAC-U Takeover (1611) Ska-Skank Redemption Ska Skank Redemption Villaincourt Fountain (FiDi)
07/15/13 FHAC-U Takeover (1611) Broken Boner Ska Skank Redemption Villaincourt Fountain (FiDi)
07/08/13 #1609 Broken Boner wHole Blow Out Jackson Playground
07/01/13 #1608 Broken Boner Millimeter Peter & Lost in Fourskin Kezar Stadium, Frederick and Willard
06/24/13 Captain Organ & Co. (1607) Broken Boner Captain Organ Glen Park :Brompton and Kern
10/08/12 SFH3 SECOND ANAL BEER MILE (1566) Good Shit Lollicock Lost In Fourskin Cupid's Arrow - Downtown SF
09/03/12 #1560 Hand Pump Cherry Poppins & Handpump Crocker Amazon Playground
06/04/12 Stanley Cup Five Hole Hat Trick Special (1546) Tequila Cocking Bird Cheese Turd & DaVinci Choad Golden Gate Park Senior Center; Fulton S
04/09/12 #1535 Guzzler Cherry Poppins 7th Ave, between Geary and Anza
03/05/12 #1530 Muff Snatcher Straight 2 Hell Duboce Park, Duboce at Steiner
01/30/12 #1525 wHole Blow Out Massive Cock Check & Cuming Mutha St Mary's, Gough and Geary
12/05/11 Sinterklaas Hash (1517) wHole Blow Out DaVinci Load & Camel Toe Dolores Park (20th St. & Church St)
11/28/11 #1515 wHole Blow Out Blowqueen & Tears of Seamen Glen Park (Brompton Ave & Kern St)
11/21/11 #1514 wHole Blow Out Cherry Poppins & Grassy Ass Stern Grove (Wawona & 20th)
11/14/11 #1513 Crabs Crabs and Backwash Laurel Hill Playground, Collins at Eucli
11/14/11 #1513 Good Shit Lollicok Crabs and Backwash Laurel Hill Playground, Collins at Eucli
10/17/11 #1509 wHole Blow Out Cheeseturd & DaVinci Load Golden Gate Park Senior Center, Fulton a
10/14/11 AGM (1508) wHole Blow Out GM's Pioneer Log Cabin
10/10/11 Beer Mile (1507) Who's Your Daddy LIF & WYD Kezar Stadium (Frederick at Willard)