Date R*n Scribe Hares Where
01/09/17 Russian Christmas or Taking Outer Richmond (1803) У ее хорошо One Night Only 9th Ave and Lake Street
01/02/17 #1802 Do Her Well Douchicorn & Just Cam 199 Locksley Ave - at the Community Gard
12/26/16 #1801 Do Her Well Gobble My Hand Cock Dolores Park - 20th & church
12/19/16 The shitty Hannukah gift trail (1800) Do Her Well Brown Eye/ Gondaleria 300 Finley Rd, San Francisco, CA 94129
12/12/16 Ugly Christmas Sweater Trail (1799) Do Her Well Stinky Floss, Cockamole & Sleazy Like Sunday Whoring Duboce Park (Steiner & Duboce)
12/05/16 Happy Birthday, Fuck Buddy! (1798) Do Her Well Fuck Buddy & Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home Garfield Park
11/28/16 Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (1797) Do Her Well My Little Porno Hamilton Rec Center (Post & Scott)
11/21/16 The 4th Semi-Anal Cumming of Grassy Ass (1796) Do Her Well Whorifist, Just Robbed (East LA), Grassy Ass (San Diego) Northeast Corner of Bosworth St. and Bro
11/14/16 Is America Great Yet? (1795) Do Her Well Miss Delivery Espirit Park
11/07/16 ONO's campaign kickoff (1794) Do Her Well One Night Only (featuring ser titty boo boo) Holly Park, Bocana & Holly Park Circle
10/31/16 Hashoween! (1793) Do Her Well Backwash, Wrinklepecker, Chicken Bone Her, & Crabs Lombard Gate, Presidio
10/24/16 I Heart the 90s (1792) Do Her Well Cockamole and Twerxes Like Xerxes Lafayette Park, Washington & Octavia
10/17/16 Cleaning Out The Closet (1791) Do Her Well Cuming Mutha & Douchicorn Dahlia Gardens, Golden Gate Park
10/10/16 The Big Gay Mustache R*n (1790) Do Her Well Hoover & Who's Your Daddy Glen Park, Kern at Brompton
10/03/16 Rongjon's Big 60H Birthday Hashstravagsnza (1789) Do Her Well Rongjon Murphy Windmill Golden Gate Park
10/03/16 Rongjon's Big 60H Birthday Hashstravagsnza (1789) Dr. Kimble Rongjon Murphy Windmill Golden Gate Park
09/26/16 Bye, Felicia! (1788) Do Her Well Miss Delivery and Fuck Buddy Crocker Amazon Playground
09/19/16 Oktoberfest Hash (1787) Do Her Well Douchicorn 9th Avenue & MLK
09/12/16 #1786 Do Her Well Über Lüber & Ru Ru Rimmin Franklin Square (17th and Hampshire)
09/05/16 Labor Day, long may it wave (1785) Do Her Well Tricrapylete Marina Library San Francisco, 1890 Chest
08/29/16 #1784 Do Her Well Stinky Floss & Chicken Bone Her Cupid's Span
08/22/16 #1783 Do Her Well Gobble My Ass & John Hand Cock Sunset Reservoir - 25th and Ortega
08/15/16 #1782 Do Her Well (A Woman) Cockamole & Brown Eye For The Gay Guy Progress Park
08/08/16 Olympics come to Kezar (1781) Do Her Well Cunty Butler, ser titty boo boo, One Night Only and Ticraplete Kezar Stadium
08/01/16 Rubik's Cube (1780) Do Her Well Buck Fucka & Heracknophobia Duboce Park
07/25/16 #1779 Do Her Well Backside Banger & Dick Simmons Russian Hill Park
07/18/16 #1778 Do Her Well The Perfect Woman 55 Sherman Street, San Francisco, CA 941
07/11/16 RED DRESS R*N (1777) Dr. Do Her Good Cuming Mutha's All-Stars Marina Library on Chestnut
07/04/16 Yankee Doodle Wankie (1776) Do Her Well Cunty Butler and ser titty boo boo Huntington Park
06/27/16 Gay Pride Hash - Wear Rainbow (1775) Do Her Well Brown Eye For The Gay Guy, Just Justin, Just Bernie 100 O'Shaughnessy Blvd
06/27/16 Gay Pride Hash - Wear Rainbow (1775) Do Her Well Brown Eye For The Gay Guy, Just Justin, Just Bernie 100 O'Shaughnessy Blvd
06/20/16 Oh, The Places You'll Go! (1774) Do Her Well Thing 1 & Thing 2 (Twerxes Like Xerxes & Cockamole) 27th Ave at Vicente
06/13/16 Bookish, Wonkish, Wankish (1773) Do Her Well Cheeseturd & Just Erdmann Richmond Branch Library @ 351 9th Ave.
06/06/16 #1772 Do Her Well Handpump Front & Union
05/30/16 #1771 Do Her Well Who's Your Daddy? Crocker Amazon Playground, Moscow at Ita
05/23/16 #1770 Do Her Well Do Her Well West Portal, Lennox Way & Verdun Way
05/16/16 Pink Tutu Hangover Hash (1769) Madame Do Her Well Just Get It Over With w/Cuming Mutha and Vagina Dentata Sydney Walton Square, Front and Pacific
05/09/16 Tour de Franzia (1767) Do Her Well Lost In Foreskin & Wee Wee Wee Aquatic Park, end of Van Ness
05/02/16 Stinko de Drinko (1766) Do Her Well Good Shit Lollicock & The Free Mexican Airforce Garfield Square, 25th at Balmy
04/25/16 #1765 Do Her Well Cuming Mutha, On All Fours & Backwash 25th and Lincoln
04/18/16 #1764 Do Her Well Chicken Bone Her & Crabs 34th Ave & Clement St
04/11/16 #1763 Do Her Well Wee Wee Wee & Sister Fister 9th and MLK
04/04/16 Knights & Princesses (1762) Do Her Well ABBAA & Foul Balls The Castle, 1540 Newhall Street
03/28/16 #1761 Do Her Kindly Gobble My Ass Alta Plaza - Pierce and Jackson
03/21/16 Musical Mayhem (1760) Do Her Well Now I Know My STDs & I'm Drunk Guerrero Park
03/14/16 GREEN DRESS R*N (1759) Do Her Well Drunkin Ho-Nuts & Masterbaster DMV
03/07/16 #1758 Do Her Well Straight 2 Hell & WYD Washington Square
02/29/16 Leap Day Trail (1757) Cunty Butler and Titty Boo Boo Cunty Butler and ser titty boo boo Boner Vista Park
02/22/16 #1756 Do Her Well Miss Delivery Crocker Amazon Playground
02/15/16 Love Bites - Fuck Valentine's Day Hash (1755) Do Her Well Brown Eye for the Gay Guy & Resting Slut Face 1198 Willard St San Francisco, CA 94117
02/08/16 #1754 Do Her Well Who's Your Daddy, Mary Tyler Whore & Chicken Bone Her St Mary's Square, California st and Quin
02/01/16 Annual Tiara R*n (1753) Do Her Well Douche of Hazzard et al 5214 Diamond Heights Blvd, SF
01/25/16 #1752 Do Her Well Handpump, Hoseblower & Ultrahead Ruth Asawa SOTA
01/18/16 #1751 Do Her Well Masterbaster Glen Park, Kern at Brompton
01/11/16 #1750 Do Her Well Bloke Ween West Portal Playground, by Lenox & Verdu
01/04/16 Russian Xmas (1749) Do Her Well One Night Only & Tricraplete 9th and Lake, in Mountain Lake Park
12/28/15 #1748 Do Her Well Cockamole & Sir Ménage-a-Lot Dolores Park, Dorores & 19th Street
12/21/15 Electric Hash (1747) Do Her Well Cockagami & My Uncle's Girlfriend Washington Square Park, North Beach
12/14/15 Shaft Light Trail (1746) Do Her Well Shaft Sydney Walton Square, Front at Pacific
11/30/15 Bring Your Birthday Suit (1743) Do Her Well One Night Only featuring saint titty boo boo McCoppin Square Park, on 22nd between Sa
11/23/15 The 3rd Not-So-Annual "RETURN OF GRASSY ASS" - Pardon the Turkeys - trail (1742) Do Her Well Grassy Ass & Hoseblower Moscone Playground, Chestnut at Buchanan
11/16/15 #1741 Do Her Well Blokeween End of Shields St (1100 Shields St)
11/09/15 #1740 Do Her Well Do Her Well Crocker Amazon Playground
11/02/15 #1739 Do Her Well Cunniwingus & Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home 9th & Lincoln
10/26/15 HASHOWEEN (1738) Do Her Well Backwash & Crabs Huntington Park, Top of Your Knob Hill
10/19/15 #1737 Do Her Well Sir Ménage-a-Lot South Park
10/12/15 Beer Mile (1736) Do Her Well LIF & WYD Marina Green, end of Scott Street
10/05/15 A day to remember (1735) Do Her Well millimeter Peter Corona Heights, Roosevelt Way & Museum W
09/28/15 #1734 Do Her Well My Uncle's Girlfriend & Cumdog Millionaire Precita Park
09/14/15 You Lucky Dog You! (1732) Do Her Well Cunty Butler (featuring ser titty boo boo) Duboce Park (Duboce and Steiner)
08/31/15 #1729 Do Her Well Little Willie Lombard Gate in the Presidio
08/24/15 #1728 Do Her Well Cockagami & Wee Wee Wee Golden Gate Park - 9th Ave & MLK
08/17/15 Back to Schoolgirl Hash (1727) Dixie LaBouche My Little Porno Jefferson Square Park on Eddy
08/03/15 #1725 Do Her Well Wet Nurse Sports Basement Presidio
07/27/15 #1724 Do Her Well Now I Know My STDs & Masterbaster Holly Park Circle
06/01/15 #1716 Do Her Well Primal Vagina and Just Scott Moscone Recreation Center - Buchanan and
05/25/15 #1715 Do Her Well Oh Shit! & No Panties No Problem Progress Park
05/04/15 Stinko de Drinko (1709) Do Her Well and Just Doesn't Get It Good Shit Lollicock & Fixed Queer 25th Street at Balmy
04/27/15 Visitors from Below are cumming! (1708) Do Her Well (Transcribing for the Hares) Shaft & Cumming Mutha Front and Union
04/20/15 The Alzheimers Run (1707) Do Her Well Hippy Sniper (aka White Bollocks/Bloqueen) Dolores Park, 20th & Church
04/13/15 April Golden Showers - The Sequel (1706) Do Her Well Bitch Pimp, Crabs & Gloryhole Laurel HIlls Playground
03/23/15 #1703 Do Her Well Primal Vagina Bay St and Lyon St
03/16/15 Ides of March (1702) Do Her Well the titty boo boo Portsmouth Square, Chinatown
03/09/15 #1701 Do Her Well Hold My Bitch & Slap a Bag of Dickz Kern & Brompton
02/23/15 #1699 Do Her Well Deep Stroke & Dildo Baggins Jefferson Square Park
02/02/15 #1696 Do Her Well Gobble My Ass Buena Vista Park
01/19/15 #1694 Do Her Well Hoseblower, Ultrahead & Handpump Ruth Asawa SOTA McAteer High
01/12/15 #1692 Do Her Well Muff Daddy SOMA, 12th St & Kissling St
01/05/15 #1691 Shaft Public Enema & Who's Your Daddy Wawona at 20th Avenue
11/10/14 Remembrance Day (1683) Good Shit Lollicock Cuming Mutha & Fucker 25th and Lincoln
05/13/14 Barrbary Coast H3 () Skurvy-Skank Redemption Skurvy-Skank Redemption! Dogpatch Saloon
01/27/14 #1640 Broken Boner Dick Simmons & Roman Shower Huntington Park, Nob Hill
12/30/13 #1636 Broken Boner Cherry Poppins and My Little Porno Kite Hill Open Space
09/23/13 #1622 Broken Boner Hold My Bitch & just Tomasz Franklin Square (Hampshire St @17th)
09/16/13 #1621 Broken Boner Fucker, Just Doesn't Get It Glen Park - Kern and Brompton
09/09/13 Back To Schoolgirl Hash (1620) Broken Boner Cockodile & My Little Porno Jefferson Square Park on Eddy
07/15/13 FHAC-U Takeover (1611) Ska-Skank Redemption Ska Skank Redemption Villaincourt Fountain (FiDi)
07/15/13 FHAC-U Takeover (1611) Broken Boner Ska Skank Redemption Villaincourt Fountain (FiDi)
07/08/13 #1609 Broken Boner wHole Blow Out Jackson Playground
07/01/13 #1608 Broken Boner Millimeter Peter & Lost in Fourskin Kezar Stadium, Frederick and Willard
06/24/13 Captain Organ & Co. (1607) Broken Boner Captain Organ Glen Park :Brompton and Kern
10/08/12 SFH3 SECOND ANAL BEER MILE (1566) Good Shit Lollicock Lost In Fourskin Cupid's Arrow - Downtown SF
09/03/12 #1560 Hand Pump Cherry Poppins & Handpump Crocker Amazon Playground
06/04/12 Stanley Cup Five Hole Hat Trick Special (1546) Tequila Cocking Bird Cheese Turd & DaVinci Choad Golden Gate Park Senior Center; Fulton S
04/09/12 #1535 Guzzler Cherry Poppins 7th Ave, between Geary and Anza
03/05/12 #1530 Muff Snatcher Straight 2 Hell Duboce Park, Duboce at Steiner
01/30/12 #1525 wHole Blow Out Massive Cock Check & Cuming Mutha St Mary's, Gough and Geary
12/05/11 Sinterklaas Hash (1517) wHole Blow Out DaVinci Load & Camel Toe Dolores Park (20th St. & Church St)
11/28/11 #1515 wHole Blow Out Blowqueen & Tears of Seamen Glen Park (Brompton Ave & Kern St)
11/21/11 #1514 wHole Blow Out Cherry Poppins & Grassy Ass Stern Grove (Wawona & 20th)
11/14/11 #1513 Crabs Crabs and Backwash Laurel Hill Playground, Collins at Eucli
11/14/11 #1513 Good Shit Lollicok Crabs and Backwash Laurel Hill Playground, Collins at Eucli
10/17/11 #1509 wHole Blow Out Cheeseturd & DaVinci Load Golden Gate Park Senior Center, Fulton a
10/14/11 AGM (1508) wHole Blow Out GM's Pioneer Log Cabin
10/10/11 Beer Mile (1507) Who's Your Daddy LIF & WYD Kezar Stadium (Frederick at Willard)