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R*n # When Hares Start Name On On On Misinformation
1956 Nov 25 18:15 One Night Only Presidio Golf Course Lot on Arguello The Cake of Liberty Richmond Republic
1957 Dec 02 18:15 Shaft & Cuming Mutha Sydney G. Walton Square Shafts of Light Ugly Sweater Trail Old Ship Saloon Ugly Sweater Hash
1958 Dec 09 18:15 Three Fingers School of the Arts, O’Shaughnessy near Portola Miraloma Club, 749 Portola Dr.
1959 Dec 16 18:15 Cum Test Dummy Victoria Manali Draves Park CTD's dirty thirty Trademark
1960 Dec 23 18:15 Need Hares Hare This R*n
1961 Dec 30 18:15 Need Hares Hare This R*n
1962 Jan 06 18:15 Fuck buddy & Peek-a-booby

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