SFH3's Bay2Blackout

What do I get?

3 days of hashing in SF!!!!!

Friday: Trail or costumed pub crawl followed by a costume party with dinner, beer, and entertainment at a private venue.

Saturday: Another chance to dress up in costume and r*n trail or pub crawl across SF. Choice of trail: pub crawl, turkey, eagle, and ballbuster. This also includes dinner, beer, and entertainment at a private venue for the evening.

SundayBAY TO BLACKOUT, I mean breakers!!!! Either r*n the official race or join SFH3 in a drunken stumble across the city, drink checks included! More beer, lunch, and dancing afterward!


There will be a giveaway this year, so make sure you rego early enough to get one!

This will be the best weekend you will never remember!