SFH3 Bay2Blackout 2024

May 17th -19th

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up for the B2B r*ce?
No, but we encourage you to support the cause since you will probably be using the r*ce bathrooms and such. The r*ce also pays for the street closures, cops, etc. You can buy a bib here if you decide to get one.

If I am a r*cist can I r*n B2B and then meet the hash?
Yes! Feel free to r*n the r*ce and get your medal (be ready for a down down) and meet us at the venue for food & circle afterwards.

What should I bring for the weekend?

  • Costumes! See our home page for themes/more info.
  • R*nning attire (costumes or otherwise) for trail if you want to r*n
  • Any clothes for the rest of the weekend
  • Some warm clothes are suggested...SF can get chilly, especially at night
  • B bag for each day. All trails are A to B! Trail will go directly to the venue each evening.        

What do I bring to trail?

  • ID and $$$ for any bar checks (especially pub crawlers). 
  • B bag (this will be in the B van) with any warm/dry clothes and costumes that you want for the night. We will be going straight from the trail start to each night's venue.
  • Money for transit - to trail start and from venue to your bed for the night

Is there a hash hotel?

  • Althought there is not a hash hotel for this event, we would recommend checking out BEI Hotel. Feel free to coordinate with others hashers on the private event page. Facebook. If you have not yet joined the private group please do so.

What if I only want to go for one day/can't go anymore?

  • One day registrations WILL be available at the door if you’re just cumming for part of the weekend. If you can’t pay us on the website via PayPal, please try to have exact change or else use your plastic. Yes, we take Venmo/Zelle/Square!
  • If you can't attend anymore and are  planning to sell/transfer your rego, you'll need to email us at to complete the transfer. To do so, please provide us with the following information:
    • - Your email address, hash and muggle names
    • - The email address, hash and muggle names, and home kennel of the person to whom you'll be transferring
    • Once received, we'll reach out to the that person via email to complete the transfer. Contact us at for more information.

Where can I go to buy more fun clothes for the weekend?

Folsom Street and Haight Street are fantastic places to get them. A few of our favorite stores are:

Mr. S Leather (I would link to it but I don’t want to be fired - enjoy the NSFW gay porn on their website)

Leather, Etc.

Piedmont Boutique


Other Information

  • Must be 21 or older to attend some of the events. Remember to bring your ID's


Questions? Email