SFH3's Bay 2 Blackout


Here are some details about Bay 2 Blackout:


  • Walking or public transit (even though it’s busy) will most likely be easier than trying to take a car, but it will be slow. Don’t attempt to take a Lyft/Uber if you can help it - there are LOTS of street closures AND they’ll be CRAZY expensive. Plan on taking a MUNI bus or train, or BART.

  • NO BAGS are allowed on the Bay to Breakers course except clear plastic ones that are maximum size 8.5” x 11” like this. Don’t carry any regular backpacks, etc - if you absolutely need sunscreen/costume pieces/etc make sure to bring a clear one..

  • Also, they will take away alcohol. Never fear, we have plenty of drink checks planned off trail to wet your whistle!

  • We will be veering off course once we enter Golden Gate Park. Look for signs & true trail arrows and don’t get lost (but you can always catch up with us by following on Twitter - @bay2blackout).

  • Please bring cash to tip the bartenders at Neck of the Woods!!  We want to be good guests and invited back!



  • For all trails, there is a huge fucking bag van. If you are running trail, you can send more of your costume/hygiene clean up stuff with the bag van to have for party time. Don’t lug your shit around if you don’t have to.

  • Sometimes B2B weekend is hot as fuck, sometimes it’s cold as balls. Be prepared to cover up or strip as needed!

  • Keep your wristband on at all times! This gets you into venues and gets you BEER!!

  • Carry cash & ID. Seriously.



Want to carpool from the airport? Use the Facebooks to see who else is cumming at that time and try to cum together!

Train: There’s also the BART train, which is a 30-ish minute straight shot from the SFO/Oakland airports and costs ~$20 round-trip depending on where you’re going. -http://www.bart.gov/

Cars: From SOMA/downtown, the Mission, or anywhere else not buried too deeply in SF, a Lyft/Uber (download the app) costs about $30-40 dollars to/from the airport. Also handy for getting around town when drunk.

Need more travel details? http://www.sfh3.com/sections/9/pages/77





Check out the FAQ section on the website or check out the Facebook group. If you can’t find the answer there drop us a line at



BRUNCH! (for Saturday morning)

You’ll need to eat on Saturday morning, even though you’ll feel like you’re dead. Some of our favorite spots to visit when hungover:

Brunch options near downtown lodging:

Colibri Mexican Bistro ($10 bottomless mimosas)

Friends With Benedicts (unusual mimosas)

Upcider (no specific brunch menu but lots of ciders)

Saturday brunch near trail start:


If you don't mind waiting in a line:
If you want Fancy Brunch: