SFH3's Bay 2 Blackout


Here are some details about Bay 2 Blackout:


  • Walking or public transit (even though it’s busy) will most likely be easier than trying to take a car, but it will be slow. Don’t attempt to take a Lyft/Uber if you can help it - there are LOTS of street closures AND they’ll be CRAZY expensive. Plan on taking a MUNI bus or train, or BART.

  • NO BAGS are allowed on the Bay to Breakers course except clear plastic ones that are maximum size 8.5” x 11” like this. Don’t carry any regular backpacks, etc - if you absolutely need sunscreen/costume pieces/etc make sure to bring a clear one..

  • Also, they will take away alcohol. Never fear, we have plenty of drink checks planned off trail to wet your whistle!

  • We will be veering off course once we enter Golden Gate Park. Look for signs & true trail arrows and don’t get lost (but you can always catch up with us by following on Twitter - @bay2blackout).

  • Please bring cash to tip the bartenders at Neck of the Woods!!  We want to be good guests and invited back!



  • For all trails, there is a huge fucking bag van. If you are running trail, you can send more of your costume/hygiene clean up stuff with the bag van to have for party time. Don’t lug your shit around if you don’t have to.

  • Sometimes B2B weekend is hot as fuck, sometimes it’s cold as balls. Be prepared to cover up or strip as needed!

  • Keep your wristband on at all times! This gets you into venues and gets you BEER!!

  • Carry cash & ID. Seriously.



Want to carpool from the airport? Use the Facebooks to see who else is cumming at that time and try to cum together!

Train: There’s also the BART train, which is a 30-ish minute straight shot from the SFO/Oakland airports and costs ~$20 round-trip depending on where you’re going. -http://www.bart.gov/

Cars: From SOMA/downtown, the Mission, or anywhere else not buried too deeply in SF, a Lyft/Uber (download the app) costs about $30-40 dollars to/from the airport. Also handy for getting around town when drunk.

Need more travel details? http://www.sfh3.com/sections/9/pages/77





Check out the FAQ section on the website or check out the Facebook group. If you can’t find the answer there drop us a line at



BRUNCH! (for Saturday morning)

You’ll need to eat on Saturday morning, even though you’ll feel like you’re dead. Some of our favorite spots to visit when hungover:

Saturday brunch near trail start:

Cracked & Battered 1434 18th St

Atlas Cafe 3049 20th St
Raw Sugar Factory 525 Valencia St

Stable Cafe  2128 Folsom St

True Laurel 753 Alabama St

Plow 1299 18th St. (There could be a line be prepared to wait, but so worth it!!)

Or try out any of the delicious Mexican places in the Mission!

SF Brunch Experiences:

Tartine Manufactory 595 Alabama St. (Order online or doordash pickup) 

Napper Tandy  3200 24th St. (Best Irish breakfast in SF)