Spring Cougar Hunt

SFH3 run #1593

Hare: Cheese Turd, Jack the Ripper, & Glory Hole

When: April 08 2013, 06:15 PM

Cost: $6

Start: Your friendly, local DMV (200 Baker St., between Fell and Oak)

On On On: The Page (298 Page St. @ Divis.)


Drive drunk right up to the DMV's front door!  Or use one of these MUNI options:  #24 Divisadero; #5 Fulton; #7 Haight; #6 Parnassus, or #71 Noriega.  MUNI rocks!


This ain't no Hash -- it's a Cougar Hunt.  Cum loaded for big cat.  Cougars are in season, and Glory Hole insists there are good ones to be had!  Don't miss this hunt.