Hand Pump Workday

Hare: Hand Pump

When: April 28 2018, 10:00 AM

Start: Bernal Heights Blvd, San Francisco


The final Saturday of April will be the date of our first Guerilla
Volunteer Workday of 2018.  We will be doing Wild Radish removal from the
Natural Areas Grassland on Bernal Hill.  There is a very short time window
for working on Bernal.  Once the hill dries out and the grass turns brown,
the work season is over.  The late rains postponed our first attempt at a
workday as it was being planned, but should make this workday more
productive / destructive.  It is even possible that we could have a second
workday in May on Bernal.  We will meet at the only water faucet on Bernal
Hill, just past the gate at he end of Bernal Heights Blvd.  Hashers know it
as the sight of many BEER Checks.  Wear your gripiest shoes or boots, the
slopes range from difficult to extreme.  Bring a hat and sunscreen, there
is no shade on Bernal.  Wear long sleeves and long pants, the work is
nowhere near as hard as Blackberry removal but there are a few plants on
the hillside that can be difficult.  Parke form SF Rec and Park will be at
the Park for an other event: so he may have gloves but if you have your
own, bring them.  Since this is a Guerilla workday, you might want to bring
water and snacks.  There will be BEER, of course.  RSVP by reply to this
post or by e-mail or phone.  My info is on the mismanagement page of
sfh3.com.  I will see you there.  ON-ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!