San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #1899
Monday, October 22, 2018, 6:15 pm
: Noe Valley Tennis Courts, Douglass and Elizabeth
: Millimeter Peter + Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home
: $7
: something cold and refreshing
: Valley Tavern
: The Peaks

Meet at the Noe Valley Tennis Courts.  

On muni, take the 24 and get off at 24th and diamond.  Or take the 48 from 24th/mission bart.  Or use your favorite route planner.

Or run to the start...


short flat, with eagle and turkey trails

On On After takes credit card according to yelp; I don't know about the prelube but if you're early enough to drink you can work it out.

Come for the trail, stay for the ... ?