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SVH3 #1088: Fiestavus for the West of us


When: June 22 2019, 02:00 PM

Start: 37.1732095,-121.7604445


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It's time for to celebrate Fiestavus, the summer version of Festivus, where you can air your grievances against those so-called friends of yours in the hash and enjoy homemade tacos (I'll even make a vegetarian option) and accoutrements. Also, it's Choppy's bday this month so expect a cake or something like that.
The trail will have a Turkey/ Eagle option and Turkey trail will be walker friendly so there are little to no excuses for not joining in. Come enjoy the beautiful country side near south San Jose.

Go to the main entrance of Calero County Park. Can attempt to contact hare at 512-417-2707 if particularly lost