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FHAC-U #380: 420th of July! Beers Bless 'Merica!


When: July 04 2019, 06:30 PM

Start: 37.31797118276405,-121.90714891477359


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Do not expect more than 2.69 miles.. but do expect 3+ beer checks, strippers, tacos/burritos, and fireworks off in the distance.. Haha I'll bring some sparklers incase shit happens.

Park in the CEFCU parking lot near Savaker street, in a perfect world we should be able to see the Discovery Meadow fireworks from here. In order to stay awake till 9:30p- the trail will be short in distance but long in beer checks. Bring money and ID on trail! There may or may not be a $5 cover for one beer check, but you may opt out and drink at another bar nearby while the rest of us play. Bring $1 dollar bills because strippers need tacos too.
The theme for this trail is- Stars and/or Stripes!