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SVH3 #1097: SVH3 AGM (The Doggy's Meeting)


When: October 26 2019, 02:00 PM

Start: 37.23601794014807,-121.9756747713173


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As per tradition, 2019's AGM festivities will take place in the Halloween season, so feel free to don your favorite unorthodox a.k.a. tacky costume items, and come out for a grand old time.

The official costume theme for this event is: Doggy Style! That could mean dog onesies, dog collars, dog hats, or, um, bring yo dawg? You're mostly all adults; you'll figure it out.

Snacks, BBQ chicken, and veggie burgers will be provided. We encourage you to bring a zesty side dish to share.

Eagle trail is 5.69 miles, and Turkey is 3.69 (with enhanced shiggy experience). There is a possibility that TIM will lead an unofficial bar walk (TBD).

The sooner you sign up, the more beer and BBQ we can purchase! Registration form:

PayPal $20 when you complete your rego.

We have reserved picnic area #6 at Oak Meadow park in Los Gatos. You can park at the Oak Meadow parking lot or on the street on University.