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SVH3 #1117: Sak-o-Dicks v 3.0 - The final Sak-down


When: July 18 2020, 02:00 PM

Start: 0,0


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After 2 glorious haring disasters, your beloved hares are back for YET another disaster.

Park in the parking lot near Sandy Wool Lake. Cell service is spotty so GPS may not work.
ASS-emble near the picnic area.

Turkey-Eagle split. Turkeys run ~3/4 miles
Eagles - ~5-6 miles.

Trail is ultra flat both ways. Get your hiking poles if needed.

BYO beer, water and dignity
Hares carry no dignity on board.

* Poison Oak level - Absent

* Estimated temps - mid 80s

* Dogs - Allowed on leash

* Raccoons - Allowed without leash

* Unicorns - Absolutely!

* Cats - Fuck off!