The SFH3 Inaugural Bash + Hash


Hare: Do Her Well

When: June 22 2020, 06:15 PM

Start: Mission Pool, Linda and 19th


There will be a r*nner's trail and a biker's trail. Bike trail will be on the actual street. Don't get killed. I really mean, don't get killed. Give yourself enough room not to get hit by people openeing car doors.


The r*nner's trail will be hash standard marks etc.


The biker's trail will be a little different-- don't expect that you will need to go the wrong-way down any street. For checks, you will only need one mark to be on, and that mark will likely be at the end of the next block. All other standard hash marks apply.


There will be a zoom meeting (starting ~7:30) so you can bitch at me. Email if you need the link or check Facebook.