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Agnews #424: Ramrod's Brash Hash!

Agnews H3

When: September 17 2020, 06:30 PM

Start: 37.2688512,-121.8124424


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Ramrod celebrates his birthday with an Agnews trail! Start will be in the southeast San Jose, at the Edenvale Community Center, because that's where Ramrod has been trapped and has been doing all his scouting. It's a bit urban, but expect some hills and light urban shiggy as well! Gwendolyn will be helping Ramrod hare, so it'll be her virgin lay.

Turkey trail is around 3.75 miles, dead-laid in advance by Ramrod and Gwen, and walker / stroller / biker friendly. Eagle trail will be longer, around 5.25 miles, and will have a bit more urban shiggy and some lightly tricky hills and fences. Also probably dead-laid in advance, so Ramrod can man the (at least 2) beer checks.

There will be beers, tears, fears, jeers, leers, and cheers as we celebrate Ramrod cheating death for another year. We'll try to figure out a way to do some kind of socially-distant-appropriate birthday snacks too!

From Downtown San Jose, take the 87 South.
Exit 1D for Capitol Expressway and turn Left (East) on Capitol Expressway E.
Just after passing under 87, turn Right (South) on Narvaez Ave
Follow Navaez a bit until you hit Branham Ln, and turn Left (East) on Branham Ln
Follow Branham Ln past Monterry Rd until you get to the Edenvale Community Center