You aint seen Noe-thing yet!


Hare: Cuming Mutha. On All Fours

When: September 28 2020, 05:30 PM

Start: 24th and Douglass

On On On: beer to go Valley tavern

Prelube: Valley tavern - outside


There is a walkers, turkey, Eagle and double eagle trail. The double eagle is non-trivial do not do it unless you have a torch 
The Eagle is about 4.751 miles and the turkey about 4.325 approx. 
You can get beer from the Valley Tavern (bring a growler?) I have some rolling rock left over from Marin that I'll bring and some packets of highly unhealthy but cheap nibbles.
It is getting dark so a torch is highly advised.
Hares Cuming Mutha and On All Fours
Start time 5:30

The unusual boiler plate stuff applies ... masks, distancing, no circle etc