Just a Walk in Some New Parks


Hare: Hand Pump

When: November 16 2020, 01:30 PM

Cost: Free

Start: Mission Bay area

On On On: BEER at the Start

Prelube: BEER at the Start

Beer of The Week: Who Knows?


Start in the parking lot for the Bayview Boat Club on Terry Francois Blvd.  It is very close to the intersection of Terry Francois Blvd and Mission Rock Blvd.  There is street parking all over the area, and the Muni T Bus is on Third Street, one block to the west of start.  


As always with Hand Pump hashes, there will be Walkers, Turkey and Eagle Trails.  Since a lot of Mission Bay is landfill, trails will be mostly flat, short: Walkers--2.5 miles, Turkey--4 miles and Eagle 5.7 miles.  You can decide on the scenic part.  Much of the trail will be on pavement, sorry, but you should get to visit several parks including a few new ones.  All trails will be ready by 1:30 PM and will be marked in chalk and flour.  If it rains, more flour (it lasts longer).