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Agnews #432: Ghostlands of Tech Trail

Agnews H3

When: January 07 2021, 06:30 PM

Start: 37.40869344151352,-122.0029755907747


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On the forgotten shores of the bay lie the tattered remnants of Santa Clara's tech giants. Ramrod will hare a trail through the desolate wastelands of the bay edge, visiting the monoliths of office space that lie desolate and deprecated. Will the tech gods return one day to reclaim their homeland, or will this land turn to ash as the megaliths realize their folly?

Trail is ~5.1 miles. Expect to do a more if you're scouting.
Will try to come over early to pre-lay a ~4.3 mile Turkey split if I can, but it won't be nearly as cool as the Eagle.
1 Beer Check, bring your own beer!

6:30 Meetup
6:45 Hare Away
7:00 Pack Away

Trail is mostly stroller/bike friendly, but you'll have to take the long-ways around an obstacle or two. Dog friendly

Bring headlamps; there's one section with poor lighting, but the rest should be lit.

Start in the cul-de-sac of Moffett Park Ct, away from Baylands Park. From Baylands Park, take Moffett Park Dr until you see Moffett Park Ct on your left and turn in. Park anywhere it's not red, near 237

From San Jose, take 101 N
Exit 395 for Fair Oaks
Turn Right to go North on Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks passes 237 and becomes Java Dr
Just past 2376, Turn right on Crossman Ave
Turn right on Caribbean Dr
Turn left on Moffett Park Dr, heading away from Baylands Park
Turn right on Moffett Park Ct, and park anywhere not in the red zones