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FHAC-U #430: FHAC-U 20-Year Analversary


When: May 20 2021, 06:30 PM

Start: 37.3824605,-121.9951621


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Suckin' Up Spouse and Accuprick, you say? Who be them?

Written by Six O' Nine:
"If you're a wee lad or lass, and haven't ventured far from the grotto, and aren't sure what a FHAC-U hash is like, let me first fill you in. Then, I'll tell you about the FHAC-U.
The Fat Humans Athletic Club-United H3 was disorganized in San Jose, California in the year of our lard, 2001, by some shady big guys the likes of Suckin' up Spouse, Accuprick, Crutch Cargo, and... aw, jeez, who am I forgettin'? Anyways, the vowed commitment was trails under 3 miles, food on trail whenever possible, 2 or more beer checks whenever possible, but never less than 1. There are unwritten traditions, too, such as kilts encouraged, walking counts as r*nning, try not to let responsibility interfere with irresponsibility, and... okay, those last few are mostly my own contributions. But slack lies matter. You may have already heard our ubiquitous song, called "FHAC-U, FHAC-U". There's probably more, but I'll have to tell you after I'm done filling you in again."

Come out to celebrate the tradition of FHAC-ing all over Silicone Valley for 20 years! Detrails to follow.

St. John's Bar and Grill is located across from Sports Basement Sunnyvale off of Lawrence Expressway.