Fog City H3
Sunday Fog City: Totcho, Burrito...
Sunday, July 17, 2022, 1:00 pm
: 2323 Mission St SF
: Ska-Skank Redemption
: $0
: Teeth
Ska-Skank is bringing you to the Mission for a day dRUNk Fog City hash and guaranteed Mission burritos. we're starting with brunch at Teeth. there will be a burrito check at the second bar stop, so split those Teeth totchos with your friends to save room.
brunch around noon, pack away when i get back from Fresno (shooting for 1:00). since we're starting at a bar sans bag car, bring what you can carry (or have a walker sherpa for you). also no hash cash! $0! in this economy that's practically free!
this is a Ska-Skank production so there will only be a runner's trail if i can sucker an FRB into laying it when i get there. at the MILF hash there were only 2 FRBs who ended up haring a trail for themselves. it worked out pretty good so i'm not worried.