Hand Pump Workday ​
Saturday, June 3, 2023, 9:30 am
: John McLaren Park, Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Parking Lot
: Hand Pump
: 60 °F / 16 °C, partially cloudy, light breeze.
: Free

Start in the parking lot for the Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre. Prepare to destroy the hopes and dreams of young blackberries.


Saturday, Saturday, Saturday cum with the hash to John McLaren Park.  The volunteer work will consist of pulling radish, mustard and thistle from the grasslands near the intersection of Mansell Street and Visitation Avenue.  The work is much easier than battling the invasive Blackberry, but just as important.  We do not want to see the grasslands become radish-lands.  As always dress in layers.  Wear shoes/boots with good grip.  The grass can be very slippery even when there is no rain.  Meet in the main parking lot for the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater.  Hand Pump will mark the trail to the worksite with the usual chalk and flour.  He will also provide rides from Glen Park Bart Station to the worksite.   SF Rec and Park will provide gloves and tools, water and snacks.    SFH3 will provide more snacks and BEER  

One note, it seems that the Thistle are the big culprits this year.  If you have your own leather gardening gloves, bring them.  The thistle bite back, not nearly as much as Blackberry but not fun.
The weather is looking good, 62 degrees and breezy.  Dress in layers, as it can get warm in the non-shaded grasslands.  If possible, RSVP, especially if you want a ride from Glen Park BART Station (not the bar).