FHAC-U Takes Over SFH3

SFH3 run #1551

Hare: Morning Missile, Suckin' Up Spouse, Nipple Me Elmo, and Fisty Fuller

When: July 09 2012, 06:15 PM

Cost: $6

Start: Terry A. Francois and 3rd, San Francisco, CA


The Fat Humans Atheltic Club United Hash House Harriers (FHAC-U H3) has decided to grace you with our prescence by taking over your hash, and setting one of our own.  If you are not familar with our style of hashing, be prepared for a short trail with plenty of beer checks, and food on trail.  Be sure to bring some cash along as the beer checks will be pay as you go.  We also set our hashes live, so if you want to do the entire trail, be prepared to wait while the hares finish their beers.  

The start is nearby the final Cal train station to make it easy to take public transit to the hash start, as you will probably need to do with the alcohol being served.  


Who ate all the pies?  Who ate all the pies?  We fat bastards!  We fat Bastards! We ate all the pies!