Guidelines for Socially Distanced SFH3 Trails


  • Create an event within the SFH3 group with details of your trail. Add Do Her Well (Maggie Lowe) to the event as a co-host - she typically handles the zoom. You can also add a GM (Erica Huerta or Michael Tortora) as we can assist if needed. 
  • SF Regulations Still Apply: Have safer outdoor gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic 
  • No more than 12 people total; No more than 6 total if food/drink are involved
  • Masks and social distancing are mandatory 
  • If you’re feeling unwell or sick, stay home
  • No gathering at start or end. No in-person circle. 
  • If you have a beer stop, everyone needs to be 6 feet apart (separated by household). If providing the alcohol yourself, use individual cans/bottles. 
  • Trails should ideally be able to be run through the week, to spread out attendance. 
  • Remember that as individual hashers weigh the risks to both themselves and others, compared to the reward that is hashing, fewer people are r*nning trail, both day of and throughout the week. 
  • Circle is done online through Zoom, typically at 7:30pm on Monday until everyone has signed off. Zoom link will be in the event description.
  • If you bring a new hasher/virgin to trail, or you see/encounter one please get their contact information. Hopefully we won't have to, but if someone runs while infected we'll need to be able to reach out to attendees.


San Francisco continues to have fewer cases and deaths than other counties, but we cannot get complacent. Cases are rising across the state, including in counties in the Bay Area. As the situation changes, so will the hash. If the disease increases in SF or surrounding counties, or hashers aren’t following the SF Department of Health rules, we may need to further restrict or even cancel the social distancing hashes. 


Gispert knows we miss everyone, and we’ll be back to our normal shenanigans in due time. Until then, we need to keep each other safe. 


<3 the GMs