Come Join the 3rd Annual 

Steve Ruddy Memorial Run 




The Third Annual Steve Ruddy (Muff Snatcher) Memorial Run. 

This is Steve's Last Run, modified slightly, but similar mileage and location! Steve's birthday was March 7 and he died a month later on April 7 - we're straddling the run between the two dates.

We'll have two trails, one is the actual last run, no checks or false trails etc. and the other will be a typical hash trail.  Walkers welcome as always of course!

Last year we raised several thousand dollars that were donated to the Steve Ruddy Scholarship Fund at Golden Gate University.  Slug keeps in touch with one of the recipients from the scholarship last year, and she attended the recipients graduation last May, along with Muff Snatcher's dad.  She was so grateful to all of the people that have contributed to the fund and she thinks of Steve and his legacy often.  


Sunday, March 22

11:00am "Steve's Last Run" (8ish miles)

11:30am Hash Trail & Walkers



$20 gets you beer, snacks, lunch & donations to the GGU Steve Ruddy Memorial Scholarship Fund (please feel free to contribute more!!)

Want to get involved?

Make it a potluck (so more money goes to the fund!!) and bring some food you enjoy. Mention it in your RSVP


Please take a moment to fill out the RSVP form here so we have enough food and beer!

Can't attend but still want to make a donation? Here is the link:

Golden Gate University: Steve Ruddy Memorial Scholarship Fund at Golden Gate University


Please e-mail