SFH3's Bay2Blackout 2019

May 17th-19th


Naghty Nautical Adventures! 


Friday: It's Better Down Where It's Wetter

Kick things off 69,000 leagues under the sea, where we keep our bars wetter than any ocean! Cum as your favorite underwater creature, be it a spermaid, baby shart, or Moby Dick. Whatever your attire, we will have foamy beers and tasty sea cuCUMbers to make sure everyone feels fin-tastic. Be ready to go deep - so deep that we might just uncover the long lost city of Atlantits. Just try not to get tide up (unless you're into that sort of thing)!

Saturday: Captain Organ's Quest for Beery Treasure

Yo ho ho and a bottle of cum - dress like a pirate and brace yourself for a night rated ARRRGH. Drunken Sailor Jerry and his crew of se(a)men want you to show us yer booty! Whether your loyalties lie with the legendary Drunkbeard or the brave Captain Jackoff Sparrow, our destination is clearly Pleasure Island. While we don't condone pier pressure, if the kegs aren't kicked by the end of the evening, someone's sure to walk the plank!


Sunday: SFH3 Got Me Lei'd

Sun of a beach, we made it! At long last, Captain Organ and his shipfaced crew have docked(!!) on friendly shores to discover an island oasis. Be ready to tropic like it's hot along wave after wave of the infamous Bay to Blackout course. It doesn't matter if you're in neoprene or a bikini; all that matters is that you seas the day and let us teach you the true meaning of "sailor's delight."