SFH3's Bay2Blackout 2022


May 13th-15th


Here are some details about Bay 2 Blackout 2022.

Sunday Shit

  • Walking or public transit (even though it’s busy) will most likely be easier than trying to take a car, but it will be slow. Plan ahead!

  • NO BAGS are allowed on the Bay to Breakers course except clear plastic ones that are maximum size 8.5” x 11” like this. Don’t carry any regular backpacks, etc - if you absolutely need sunscreen/costume pieces/etc make sure to bring a clear one..

  • Also, they will take away alcohol. Never fear, we have plenty of drink checks planned off trail to wet your whistle!

  • We will be veering off course once we enter Golden Gate Park. Look for signs & true trail arrows and don’t get lost (but you can always catch up with us by following on Twitter - @bay2blackout).

  • Please bring cash to tip the bartenders at Neck of the Woods!!  We want to be good guests and invited back!

Basic Shit

  • For A-B trails, there is a huge fucking bag van. If you are running trail, you can send more of your costume/hygiene clean up stuff with the bag van to have for party time. Don’t lug your shit around if you don’t have to.

  • Sometimes B2B weekend is hot as fuck, sometimes it’s cold as balls. Be prepared to cover up or strip as needed!

  • Keep your rego tag on (or wristband) at all times! This gets you into venues and gets you BEER!!

  • Carry cash & ID!!!


Friday, May 13th - Stranger Things...In The Bedroom

(Rock your best new wave or leather gear while we return to the 80s to chase monsters, battle evil, and explore the paranormal!)

Early Registration: Elixir, 3200 16th St. (corner of 16th St. and Guerrero), 4-5:30pm (regos also available after trail at the venue)

Trail : Dolores Park, corner of 19th St. and Dolores St.

Time: Trail starts at 6pm, 6:15 hares away, 6:30 pack away!

Venue: Uzay Gallary, 199 Capp St. (venue opens at 7:30)

End Time: 11pm

On After: Bender's Bar and Grill, 806 S. Van Ness Avenue - only a five minute drunken stagger away!

Trail: A to B with pub crawl/turkey/eagle options

What to bring: cash, ID (not kidding, pub crawlers, you will be carded!), liver, virgins, headlamps

What you get: Shitty Trail! Beer! Food! Dancing!

Saturday, May 14th - Space Force

(Cum dance and drink in your sexy best on a former miliary vessel)

Trail Start:

Ballbuster - Forest Hill MUNI Station (meet behind on Magellan near Sola)

Turkey/eagle/pub crawl - Washington Square Park


Ballbuster - 11am prelube, 11:30 hares away, 12 noon pack away!

Turkey/eagle trail - 1:30 prelube, 1:45 hares away, 2pm pack away!

Pub crawl - 12 noon prelube (aka brunch), 2pm everyone away!

Venue: Jeremiah O'Brien, Pier 45, Fisherman's Wharf

End Time: 10pm

On After: Go to sleep, rest up for tomorrow or go to Red Jack Saloon, 131 Bay St. Or take a chance on one of SOMA's (South of Market's) raging club scene!

Trail: All are A to B

What to bring: Cash, ID, used liver, defiled virgins.

What you get: Prelube, then join a shitty trail around the city. Cum back for dinner, more drinking and dancing, and all the fun you can convince a halfmind to join in!

Sunday, May 15th - Tiger King (And Other Sexy Beasts)

(Don a bitchin' mullet and loincloth or show us your animalistic side)

Trail Start: Victoria Manalo Draves Park, Folsom and Sherman

Time: 8am prelube, 8:30 we migrate over to Howard St to hop in and join the official B2B route

Venue: Neck of the Woods, 406 Clement St.

Muggle Note!  Muggles will be wandering in around 3-4, so make sure you drink all the beer before then!

End Time: 4...5…or whenever we fall over

On After: Silver Clouds, 1994 Lombard - you’re ready for drunken karaoke, right?

What to bring: Cash, ID, your glowing drunk self

What you get: 8am beers! A city wide party! Mass insanity! More beer! Guerrilla drink checks! Our very own party! Food! Drinks!

Our friends, the Gypsies, are also kicking off the weekend on Thursday night, May 12th with their r*n beginning/ending in the parking lot behind the Palace of the Legion of Honor. http://www.gypsiesh3.com/directions.htm


One day registrations WILL be available at the door if you’re just cumming for part of the weekend. If you can’t pay us on the website via PayPal, please try to have exact change or else use your plastic. Yes, we take Square!

Getting Places

Public Transit - Let Early Sober You help Later Drunk You figure out how to get around

  • Google Maps can give you public transit directions, but use NextMuni.com for more specific info about San Francisco's Muni.

A Clipper card will cover you for both BART trains (http://www.bart.gov/) and MUNI bus/train rides around town (details below). You can buy and preload one at any BART/MUNI station, but not at bus stops, etc. If you get on a MUNI bus without a Clipper card, be prepared to pay cash!

**If you want to travel using the Clipper app instead of carrying an extra card: https://www.clippercard.com/ClipperWeb/clipper-on-your-phone

MUNI buses/trains are $3 no matter where you’re going (the #s are buses, the letters are underground trains - except the F is a trolley going down the center of Market Street and is kinda fun) The whole system is pretty confusing but it gets you ANYWHERE you want to go, just:

  1. Enter your destination in the Google Maps app

  2. Hit the blue Directions button

  3. Select the little train

  4. Search for the appropriate #/letter in your transit app

  5. Trust. We rock at public transport

BART trains are more limited and slightly more expensive but less confusing and faster, charging by the length of your…….trip. (WHAT? You have a dirty mind)

Travel Hashers

Arriving and want to carpool from the airport? Use the Facebook event to see who else is cumming at that time and try to cum together!

Train: There’s also the BART train, which is a 30ish minute straight shot from the SFO/Oakland airports and costs ~$20 round-trip depending on where you’re going. -http://www.bart.gov/

Cars: From SOMA/downtown, the Mission, or anywhere else not buried too deeply in SF, a Lyft/Uber (download the app) costs about $30-40 dollars to/from the airport. Also handy for getting around town when drunk.

Need more travel details?http://www.sfh3.com/sections/9/pages/77

Stay Updated

  • We'll keep updating the website with details and information for out of towners.www.sfh3.com

  • Don't Get Lost! Throughout the weekend we will post out our locations via twatter. Follow @bay2blackout or text ‘Follow bay2blackout’ to 40404

  • No Twitter account, but have a cellphone? -https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170004-fast-following-on-sms

  • Check out the FB group and see about ride shares, costume exchange, etc.

Driving/Parking Note - We don't recommend driving! If you do, make a plan to leave your car if you can’t drive.

  • Cabs: Yellow Cab - 415-333-3333 or the Yo Taxi app, Desoto - 415-970-1300

  • Reach out to DDs! Not the boobs (well, maybe later) but the few sober people in San Francisco

  • Remember Bay to Breakers is on Sunday and there are LOTS of street closures downtown (see below), plan accordingly! Don’t attempt to take a Lyft/Uber if you can help it - they’ll be CRAZY expensive. Plan on taking a MUNI bus or train, or BART.

Costume shopping!

If you still need costume pieces, Folsom Street and Haight Street are fantastic places to get them. A few of our favorite stores are:

On Folsom-ish:

Mr. S Leather (I would link to it but I don’t want to be fired - enjoy the gay porn onsite)

Leather, Etc.

On Haight:

Piedmont Boutique


You’ll need to eat on Saturday morning, even though you’ll feel like you’re dead. Some of our favorite spots to visit when hungover:

Brunch options near downtown lodging:

Colibri Mexican Bistro ($10 bottomless mimosas)

Friends With Benedicts (unusual mimosas)

Upcider (no specific brunch menu but lots of ciders)

Saturday brunch near trail start:

Nick's Crispy Tacos, 1500 Broadway (an SF staple)

Tony's Coal Fired Pizza & Slice House, 1556 Stockton St. (grab & go pizza close to the start)

Caffe Trieste, 601 Vallejo St. (cute iconic coffee shop)

Pat's, 2330 Taylor St.
eight am, 1323 Columbus Ave
Hollywood Cafe, 530 North Point
Original Joe's, 601 Union St (across the street from the trail start)
Don Pistos, 510 Union St.
If you don't mind waiting in a line: Mama’s On Washington Square (1701 Stockton St. across from the start) or The The Buena Vista (2765 Hyde St. - not close to the start but has the best Irish Coffee in SF)
If you want Fancy Brunch: Park Tavern, Hilda and Jesse


Rego Resales or Transfers

Not being able to get a refund for your rego is tough and life happens sometimes. So if you're planning to sell/transfer your rego, you'll need to email us at to complete the transfer. To do so, please provide us with the following information:
  • Your hash and muggle names, and email address
  • The hash and muggle names, home kennel, and email address of the person to whom you'll be transferring.
Once received, we'll reach out to the that person via email to complete the transfer. Contact us at for more information.


Check out the FAQ section on the website or check out the Facebook group. If you can’t find the answer there drop us a line at