SFH3's Bay2Blackout 2018

May 18th-20th

Friday, May 18th - Boot Camp and Kinky Bar Crawl

(Finally, a reason to wear our camo booty shorts and cambat boots!)

Early Registration: 540 Club, 540 Clement St. from 1:00pm-5:00pm (regos also available after trail at the venue)

Trail Start: At the corner of Lake & Funston

Time: Trail starts at 6:00pm, 6:15 hares away, 6:30 pack away!

Venue: Neck of the Woods, 406 Clement St.

End Time: 1:30am

Trail: A to B with pub crawl/turkey/eagle options

What to bring: cash, ID (not kidding, pub crawlers, you will be carded!), liver, virgins, headlamps

What you get: Shitty Trail! Beer! Food! Dancing!

Saturday, May 19th - Camp No Counselors

(Summer Camp Theme: Cum as dressed as a slutty boyscout, a sluttly bear, a slutty tree or like anything found at your

childhood summer camp.)

Trail Start:

Ballbuster - South San Francisco BART Station (Location)

Turkey/eagle/pub crawl - Franklin Square Park (near 17th St. and Hampshire St.)


Ballbuster - 11:00am prelube, 11:45 hares away, 12:00 pack away!

Turkey/eagle trail - 1pm prelube, 1:45 hares away, 2:00 pack away!

Pub crawl - 12 noon prelube (aka brunch), 2:00 everyone away!

Venue: Campsyte (7 Freelon St.)

End Time: 10:00pm

On After: Go to sleep, rest up for tomorrow. Or take a chance on one of SOMA's (South of Market's) raving club scene!

Trail: All are A to B

What to bring: Cash, ID, REGO TAG, used liver, defiled virgins.

What you get: Prelube, then join a shitty trail around the city. Cum back for dinner, more drinking and dancing, and all the fun you can convince a halfmind to join in!

Sunday, May 20th - Band Camp

(Find that old band uniform and parade through the historic Bay to Breakers route to an Irish bar haven.)

Trail Start: Victoria Manalo Draves Park, Folsom and Columbia

Time: 7am prelube, 8:30am to r*ce corrals

Venue: Ireland’s 32, 3920 Geary Blvd

Muggle Note!  Muggles will be wandering in around 3-4, so make sure you drink all the beer before then!

End Time: 4...5…or whenever we fall over

On After: Irish Bank, 10 Mark Lane - For some good old traditional heavy-ass Irish food to soak up all the shots you just downed

On After After (really?): Butter, 354 11th St. (opens at 8, karaoke at 9) - Hipster white trash bar, with famously bad drinks and the best drunken group karaoke ever

What to bring: Cash, ID, REGO TAG, your glowing drunk self


What you get:7am beers! A city wide party! Mass insanity! More beer! Guerrilla drink checks! Our very own party! Food! Drinks!

Our friends, the Gypsies, are also kicking off the weekend on Thursday night, May 17th with their r*n. Check for updated hash information at http://www.gypsiesh3.com/directions.htm