SFH3 Run #1789: Rongjon's Big 60H Birthday Hashstravagsnza
: 2016-10-03
: Murphy Windmill Golden Gate Park
: Rongjon
: Dr. Kimble

Tribute to King Rong Jon at 60 Years Old



Rong Jon reads his poetry ever so nimble

But today on his birthday it’s just Dr. Kimble


Welcome all hashers to honor The King

After this reverence some hash songs we’ll sing


So what’s with that name? What’s going on?

Like his friend Caitlin Jenner, he used the wrong john


He’s 60 years old, not that many years

At AT&T sixty buys just 5 beers


He hails from La Jolla, his mother hash

No hash names or antics or even a trash

So he moved to The City, far better to bash

Soon falling for P.I.T.A., the Pain in the Ass


When P.I.T.A. moved on he chased Closet Queen

(Leg Over was taken, nowhere to be seen)

But even C.Q. treated him mean

From hashing the King started to wean


He focused on Caltrans to forget his ex

Where he met fellow hashers Crabs and Phone Sex

They made him break out from nothing but work

Even taught him to hare with a good circle jerk


Still, year after year unable to score

He took up the inter-hash more and more

From Europe to Asia and points in between

Spending baht, dong and pesos for a fucking machine


How does he afford all those short timer whores?

By becoming a slumlord, fleecing On All Fours

And speaking of fleece don’t graze or troll

For sex with sheep like the Welsh Glory Hole


His wholesome lifestyle has treated him well

He’s still alive although looking like hell

He’s outlived Vax Headroom, Voyeur, Friar Fuck

Is it his genes or perhaps just good luck?


also Ultraman, Muff Snatcher, Danglin we miss

This tribute is ending. I need to go piss.

To hear this again, verbatim without fail

Come out Thursday night and run the same trail


The Niners are playing. Does anyone care?

When you can see Rong Jon not once but twice hare

Behind Legion of Honor, not very far

34th Avenue and Camino del Mar



To good health raise your vessels.  Honor The King

(XXXXX) give us a song to sing.