GPH3 Run #1552: The Art of the Trail
: 05/25/2023
: The parking lot behind the Palace of Fine Arts on Lyon
: Cuming Mutha
: Tongueless

Run #1552 You Can Always Tell the Artsy Crowd! 

Cuming Mutha got himself a twofer by starting the last Gypsies’ trail of May the same place he started the Whine & Chowder Society trail on Monday, the Palace of Fine Arts on Lyon St. CM’s directions called for parking on the “south end of the museum by the yellow barrier” great except most of the Gypsies are non-compass mentis! Still the promise of cheap alcohol worked its wonders the pack managed to arrive at the right location to spot the Outbeer and relish the tapping of the keg of Lagunitas IPA. This isn’t to say that the civilians celebrating graduations were totally envious but there was much whispering and pointing. Of course, no one could be sure it was the keg engendering those whispers and stares or Pastel Gazelle’s wardrobe choice! It couldn’t have been that hard to find the start since Return To Gender from Ft. Lauderdale was back and Jedi Mind Dick made it all the way from Guam via Vallejo. Dr. Kimble was interested in whether JMD knew anyone he’d *un with when he was on Guam but apparently it’s really hard to do the trails there with a walker! There was some question about a warmer location but the laughter from the pack RTG knew how foolish he was to even think that possible in SF in the summer. Jedi Mind Dick, a true hasher, stepped up to bless the pack with a reading from the Male Missal and in a voice that rang loud and true brought a feeling of grace to the pack and left Wash This Asshole needing to borrow a “Handy Wipe” from 5150. Speaking of 5150, Udder Moron wondered if his presence at the start of a trail wasn’t a sign of the Apocalypse! CM was laying trail and left the chalktalk to Tongueless who was adept at pointing to all the satanic symbols CM had drawn but the pack barely heard what he said what with his head spinning like a 2023 Linda Blair! Trail took the pack down Palace Dr. and through assorted parking lots to Girard Rd. and into the Presidio of more precisely into the new Presidio Tunnels Park over Highway 101. Who’s Your Daddy *an had to get to tryout the new Public restrooms to add to his ever-growing collection. Apparently WYD takes everyone needs a hobby seriously. 5150 also stopped to seek relief but he ended up driving off a car breaker who actually pulled a gun on him. 5150 earned the thief’s ire not by stopping the break in but by claiming the thief was too young to be driving and asking to see his Learners’ Permit. Around the Crossroads Overlook the pack lost Chickenboner who couldn’t stop taking pics. Trail went through the Campfire Circle but only King Of Bed Bugs wanted to stop, sing and tell ghost stories, This is to what not drinking can lead. Trail passed the Walt Disney Family Museum and turned onto Presidio Blvd. past the Yoda Fountain, across the shiggy and Richardson Ave back to the museum. Passing through the columns Che Gayvara was off on a rant about tops of pillars representing asses’ not faces. He was once again blaming the capitalist running dogs for sexualizing the stones. As the pack rounded Palace Dr. they were joined by Cheese Turd who felt a need to drink in the art or at least the keg. T was stopped by a family celebrating a graduation and asked to take some family pics. They let him take the pics even after he asked if they wanted any tasteful nudes. The keg was tapped and covered by the Cloak of Invisibility and the Vitamin J was stacked up. Fits In provided Sacred Thermi filled with hot cocoa and the Peppermint Schnapps and Kahlua to go with it. Bitch Pimp arrived to partake of the “feast” and bitch and moan about how hard it was to make the Gypsies from where she works. Pied Piper gave BP’s rant a 10 and Hand Pump awarded her the Bag Of Garbage, what an honor. WYD announced that with summer approaching he would be leading his Tour De Toilets again and urged the pack to sign up! Tongueless swung the Sword Of Power and convened the Circle. Jedi Mind Dicks was brought into the Circle to entertain the pack and being a true hasher went straight to dropping his shorts and waving his wang around, everyone laughed at what they took to be his joke. The keg farted and died in the midst of WTA filling a last pint. Cheers.