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R*n # When Hares Start Name On On On Misinformation
1784 Aug 29 18:15 Stinky Floss & Chicken Bone Her Cupid's Span Hi Dive
1785 Sep 05 18:15 Tricrapylete Marina Library San Francisco, 1890 Chestnut Labor Day, long may it wave Short and flat
1786 Sep 12 18:15 Über Lüber & Ru Ru Rimmin Franklin Square (17th and Hampshire) Dear Mom
1787 Sep 19 18:15 Douchicorn
1788 Sep 26 18:15 Miss Delivery and Fuck Buddy Crocker Amazon Playground
1789 Oct 03 18:15 Rongjon Murphy Windmill Golden Gate Park Rongjon's Big 60H Birthday Hashstravagsnza Pittsburg Dans This is Rongjon's Big 60H
1790 Oct 10 18:15 Hoover & Who's Your Daddy Glen Park, Kern at Brompton The Big Gay Mustache R*n Glen Park Station

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