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R*n # When Hares Start Name On On On Misinformation
1789 Oct 03 18:15 Rongjon Murphy Windmill Golden Gate Park Rongjon's Big 60H Birthday Hashstravagsnza Pittsburg Dans This is Rongjon's Big 60H
1790 Oct 10 18:15 Hoover & Who's Your Daddy Glen Park, Kern at Brompton The Big Gay Mustache R*n Glen Park Station
1791 Oct 17 18:15 Cuming Mutha
1792 Oct 24 18:15 Cockamole and Twerxes Like Xerxes Lafayette Park I Heart the 90s Soda Popinski's
1793 Oct 31 18:15 Need Hares Hare This R*n Hashoween!
1794 Nov 07 18:15 One Night Only (featuring ser titty boo boo) Holly Park, Bernal ONO's campaign kickoff Wild Side West

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