How to Hare a Run


  • Set a trail
  • Bring Orange Food and other munchies
  • Talk to HandPump about Keg and Down Down Beers
  • You are responsible for cleanup of your run (so you’ll need trashbags).

First of all, thank you heaps and heaps for volunteering (or being volunteered) to set the Trail! You will find that it’s a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you and the Pack if you take the time to prepare … as they say, the devil is in the details!

There are 6 basic parts to haring a trail

  1. Pick a good run start
  2. Set a good trail
  3. Running the trail on the night
  4. Have a good On-On-On
  5. Have good Down-Downs
  6. Cleanup

Sounds simple? Hopefully you can get most if not all of these things right, but ya gotta be careful. OK, here are the details

Pick a good run start.

The run start should have the following characteristics

  • Within a short walk of the On-On-On
  • A comfy place for 70 hashers (eg not on a main road or in the DMV parking lot or the Housing Projects)
  • Good for Down-downs (eg well lit)
  • Easy parking, especially for the Beer Truck - this isn’t always easy!

Set a good trail

This is the core of the whole hash. Try and recall the trails you’ve enjoyed before and copy where you can.

Here’s a list to help …

  • Use the heavy, white DryWall chalk (try dumpster diving to get it!) — the purple /blue/red kids chalk is almost invisible
  • Use a lot of marks - every 10 paces … or 5 per city block
  • Mark the corners at intersections … it’s really easy to confuse hashers here!
  • Have about a half dozen checks. Fewer could make for a boring trail, and a lot more can make for a much longer run.
  • The beer check - have one, they’re great, but HandPump is not your beer bitch so organize the beer check without relying on him!
  • Don’t forget Cups at the beercheck.
  • Get the distance right by running the entire trail yourself at Pack speed so you can make sure it’s not too long.
  • Set the whole trail yourself (or together with your co-hare) - don’t set half and have another hare set the next half!
  • Checks bring the pack together, as front runners look for true trail from a check while the rest of the pack reaches the check waiting for an inkling as to where to go next.
  • The trail should start up within 100 yards of the check. Back tracks should be less than 1/4 mile long.
  • The true trail should come out of check in a forward direction, on to the right or left, (not back in the direction of the original trail).
  • At a check, a trail cannot ‘die’. If a trail is marked and it is not true trail there will be a backtrack made by three lines across the trail.
  • Circle jerks and BackChecks are a great way to keep the pack together too!
  • A trail should be easy to follow when you are on trail, marking placement can be clever, but should not be hidden.
  • Use interesting checks to keep the pack together, not obscure trails.
  • Use colured flour to mark trail if needed. you can buy Tempura coloring (any Arts store has it).
  • Trails should not go through private property without owners’ permission.
  • Dangerous places, such as unstable cliffs on night runs or heavy traffic areas, should be avoided.
  • Keep the pack together and screw the FRBs - use back-check, long false trails and circle jerks
  • You can hide marking stuff (not flour!) on the trail so you don’t have to lug a 30 pound bag around (this is for Live trails mainly).

Running the trail on the night

  • Hand out a few decent maps for the walkers — mark the BeerCheck clearly on the map.
  • Give the Chalk Talk to the Newby’s - or grab a volunteer to do it for you
  • Blow your whistle and get the Pack to shut up and then tell them any special intructions
  • Sweep the trail - This is very important! It’s actually fun too! You want to avoid losing people who aren’t smart enough to follow your fabulously clear trail (ie most of the pack!).

Have good Down-downs

The Down Downs are the highlight of the night for many hashers and certainly for the Religious Advisers. This is when everyone gets together and says what a great trail you set, that the beer is terrific and what an all round swell person you are. It will definitely help if you ….

  • The first thing you’ll need is to make sure that the Pack can get a beer as soon as they finish … so leave the Keg at the run start and make sure someone can get the keg out of the car as well.
  • Do not run out of beer! Make sure you’ve got enough in reserve for the Down-downs and the beer check
  • Help the R.A with the Down-Downs …the R.A’s are usually too busy to drink at the Down Downs, so you have to help him/her by pouring the beers and handing then a beer for each Down Down. P* ick a warm, quiet spot for the Down-downs, preferably out of the wind.

CleanUp and Hand-over

Ok, it’s time to stroll on over to the nice warm Pub. So, here’s what you do …

  • clean up the trash … you did bring trash bags didn’t you?
  • Hand over the coolers and left over grub, cups, trash bags to the next hares
  • Give the empty Keg to next week’s hares

At the On-On-On

By now everyone’s happily hashed out and all they want is …

  • good, cheap beer
  • good cheap grub

Try and cut a deal at the Pub/Restaurant. You will probably have 30 - 40 people coming in on a Monday so you should have some clout! on on

Cuming Mutha (and a few other people and places that I copied from!)