Bay to Breakers 2012

May 18-20

Single Day Signups

Can't make the whole weekend? You can still join us for some r*nning (or crawling), beer, food, and most importantly fun. Sign up below for single day attendance. Note: single day signups do NOT include giveaways.

Friday, May 18 … Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
All hashers enter. No hasher leaves sober.
Join us for an evening costumed hash trail & pub crawl followed by a night of food, beer, and dancing.

Friday ($55):

Saturday, May 19 … The Afterlife
GO TO HELL! Follow me, I have a shortcut!
Afternoon trails (ball buster, turkey/eagle, and pub crawl) following by another night of costumes, food and fun.

Saturday ($55):

Sunday, May 20 …  Ragnarök
With horns on their heads!
Bay to Breakers! R*n the r*ce or stumble along the course with the hashers. Food and beer to follow.

Sunday ($45):