SFH3 Bay 2 Blackout 2019

May 17th


$60 for the Day:

Tickets include access to 1 day of trail, pub crawl, beer, food, music, and shenanigans.

No giveaway for single day tickets.

You must register on this page and use one of the three following payment methods:

Paypal - Follow the prompts to pay now.

Cash - Cash is accepted only at Monday SFH3 hashes*

Check - Payable to SFH3 and mailed to "Amanda Paulson 1407 14th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122*

Checks must be received before the day of the event. If we have not received

your check you will have to pay full price at the door.

*e-mail gms@sfh3.com if not paying via paypal so we can look for your check or receive your cash payment and verify your price.


Once again: You must click the "Pay Now" button on the next page and complete the paypal transaction in order to purchase your tickets via paypal.  If you don't appear on the Who's Cumming (Friday) list, then you haven't signed up yet.

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Email Phone
Address Food

Questions, Comments?  Email gms@sfh3.com

Code of Conduct:

Bay 2 Blackout will be enforcing a strict zero tolerance policy. Simply put, if you cannot play by our rules, you cannot play with us at all. The GMs reserve the right to remove anyone in violation without a refund. Please show respect to visiting kennels, local businesses, and your fellow hashers, including Bay 2 Blackout Mismanagement.


a) Yes means yes. NO means NO. STOP means KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF, APOLOGIZE, AND DON’T DO IT AGAIN. Silence is not consent

b) Nudity is not consent

c) If someone says NO, do not manipulate, badger, or pressure to get a yes.

d) If someone is too drunk to give consent, that is also a NO.

e) When in doubt, ask, and then respect the answer you are given. This video is a handy guide in case you are still confused.

f) Getting consent yesterday does not mean that you have consent today!

g) If you feel your boundaries are being violated or disrespected, Bay 2 Blackout GMs are Cockamole and Sir Menage A Lot, and we are here to help.

2. VIOLENCE AND/OR ASSAULT Violence or assault of any kind is not permitted and is grounds for immediate removal from the event.

3. PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY Do not publish or share any photos, videos, or details of Bay 2 Blackout on social media or elsewhere without express permission of those involved. Hashers are a close knit community that rely on your discretion. Use sound judgement on what you post, even within “Secret” and “Closed” Hashing groups.

4. THEFT No stealing. It’s that simple!

5. TRESPASSING Only those wearing a wristband will be allowed to take part in all facets of the event including, but not limited to, trails, venues, food, and BEER. There will be opportunity to purchase single day regos at the door each day. Y’all paid good money for this shit, so please do not encourage others to crash the event.

6. INTOXICATION is highly encouraged! But, if you find a hasher has exceeded his or her safe limit, please get them to a safe place. Feel free to enlist the help of Bay 2 Blackout Mismanagement.

7. HASH RESPECT Don’t be abusive to the staff, the businesses that are supporting us, or the general public. Be kind to each other.

Bay 2 Blackout Mismanagement reserves the right to change, modify, or add to these guidelines at any time. Thank so much for helping us make this event fun and safe for all.

Stupidity disclaimer:

By attending this event, I understand that I will not hold the SFH3 or any other hash organization or its members responsible for my inability to drink to excess and remain standing, or erect, for that matter. If I fall and bonk my head, or if I get sick on myself or my stylish couture, I will neither sue nor whine about it. Furthermore, I understand that any foolish behavior, or any behavior at all, is in the public domain and fair game for down downs at the next regularly scheduled hash. I still reserve the right to "screw" any willing partner, however. Like any other Hash event, if I get hurt, it's my own damn fault.