3rd Annual Beer Mile

SFH3 run #1624

Hare: Lost In Foreskin & Who's Your Daddy

When: October 07 2013, 06:15 PM

Cost: $6

Start: Cupid's Span, Embarcadero

On On On: tbd



1.  Take public transportation.

2.  Form/join a 3-person, multi-gender/generational team*.

3.  Enjoy 4 delicious beers concurrent with 4 laps on a lovely bay-front course.

4.  Relish a scenic trail in the greater SOMA area, replete with chalk and flour markings.

5.  Groove on a keg of refreshing ale at the sensational beer-check.

6.  Laugh heartily at the awards ceremony/religion.

6.  Sleep with a stranger (optional).

* In addition to the 7pm Exhibition Run and the 7:30 Championship, there will be a 6:30 Early Bird Special.  Same rules apply.