San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #1707
The Alzheimers Run
Monday, April 20, 2015, 6:15 pm
: Dolores Park, 20th & Church
: Hippy Sniper (aka White Bollocks/Bloqueen)
: $6
: The Phoenix
: Cervecería de Mateveza
: Do Her Well

Please welcome to SFH3 Run #1707 aka the Alzheimer's... something... I forget...

Where: Dolores Mission Park, corner of 20th & Church St*
When: Tonight, Monday, April 20, 2015 at 6:15 pm**
What: Another White Bollox Blow Queen aka Hippy Sniper Production***
Why: Because!****

The hare promises an exceptional run, short, flat, and above all, straight as an arrow.*****  In honor of our recently departed fellow hasher, it will feature a special Huevos Verdes Eagle Loop and a Check of Reminiscence to allow those of you who knew him to stop for a second and let Titty Boo Boo pass so that he can win the hash again.

If we're lucky, the beer will be delicious Young's Double Chocolate Stout. If we're unlucky, it will be some other delicious beer.

Some advice for prospective partakers:

  • Dress in layers, it's frigging cold out there.
  • Do not follow the red arrows, they're from yesterday's FCH3 run and will only take you to places that charge you for beer.
  • Don't forget your dramamine.

Prelube at the conveniently located Cervecería de Mateveza at 18th & Church St. They have a nice selection of interesting craft beers and delicious empanadas. On-On-On at the Phoenix Irish Bar & Grill. Racer 5 on tap in 20 oz pints, can't go wrong with that. Also, kitchen open until 11 pm.


*) Aka that place where Hand Pump got ticketed for dispensing alcohol in a park a while back.
**) Or more likely 6:30-6:40-ish.
***) Confused yet? You will be soon.
****) You have a r*nning problem,  just admit it.
*****) If you run it backwards to the beer check.