San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #1755
Love Bites - Fuck Valentine's Day Hash
Monday, February 15, 2016, 6:15 pm
: 1198 Willard St San Francisco, CA 94117
: Brown Eye for the Gay Guy & Resting Slut Face
: $6
: Racer 5
: Kezar Stadium Pub, 770 Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA 94117
: Little Shamrock, 807 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, CA 94122
: Do Her Well

Wear black, just like your evil, sad heart. This is a trail for all of us to recover from this Holiday with a touch of evil.

Join Brown Eye, Resting Slut Face (Virgin Hare) and an assortment of nymphettes with deliciously sadistic concoctions. Wear shiggy shoes and bring a light. There will be boobies, and beverages and beer and shiggy. And we will toast to broken hearts by drowning them in sweat and liquor.