The 4th Semi-Anal Cumming of Grassy Ass

SFH3 run #1796

Hare: Whorifist, Just Robbed (East LA), Grassy Ass (San Diego)

When: November 21 2016, 06:15 PM

Cost: $6

Start: Northeast Corner of Bosworth St. and Brompton Ave.

On On On: Glen Park Station Sports Bar

Prelube: Glen Park Station Sports Bar


"Where All the White Women At". This is what happens when a notorious East Los Angeles, a San Diego & honorary minority (Whorifish) are allowed to hare.

You get 2 SoCal-styled drink checks, a trail tour of our culture and hills. Runner/ jogger/ walker split. Dog-friendly trail.

Forget about that orange snack crap! Its real food at the ON IN, slaved over by a real brown person.