The shitty Hannukah gift trail

SFH3 run #1800

Hare: Brown Eye/ Gondaleria

When: December 19 2016, 06:15 PM

Cost: $6

Start: 300 Finley Rd, San Francisco, CA 94129

On On On: The Plough & Stars

Prelube: The bitter End


Bring a shitty gift. Wrap something up at home you don't want anymore, or go to the Salvation Army or CVS. Know what it's like to get 8 days of crappy gifts.

It's the annual running of the Jews. There will be complaining. There will be manishevitz. There will be Israeli flag colored shots and also a chance for a bonus drink if you call your mother on trail. Trail should be about 5 miles. It may have a special shape like a certain Hannukah object. And above all else, for the love of god, bring a sweater or you'll catch pneumnia and die.