8 Parks and MUNI R*n

SFH3 run #1842

Hare: Eat My Pussy & Gingervitis

When: September 18 2017, 06:15 PM

Cost: $7

Start: 228 Diamond Street

On On On: Toad Hall

Prelube: Midnight Sun


IMPORTANT: Bring MUNI fare ($2.75) / a Clipper Card/save the transfer ticket from your ride to the hash.

Hare Instructions:

   I'd recommend getting a Clipper card if you don't have one or at least

getting a single-use card beforehand, which will eliminate boarding 
delays. Remember that if you take MUNI to the start (e.g. the J line) 
your payment will likely still be valid for the hash MUNI segments(s) as 
well (90 minutes from activation). If you wind up with a paper transfer, 
hang on to it.

	Sangria Check (real Sangria - not just wine with fruit)


	Beer: Gorddon Biersch Blond Bock


	Possible Turkey/Eagle Split


	Not Stoller Friendly

	*Bring a headlamp/flashlight (it is usually dark at the end of our trails now)*


	Forecast: 63ºF @ 1830 hours

MISMANAGEMENT COMMENT: As far as SFH3 is aware, this is Gingervitis's virgin lay. Watch him learn how to fuck up a trail.