Caltrain Pubcrawl

SFH3 run #1849.69

Hare: Douche of Hazzard and Fistful of Cum

When: November 11 2017, 10:00 AM

Start: Fiddler's Green, 333 El Camino Real, CA


SVH3 & Fully Mooned H3 Caltrain pub crawl this SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11

Hashers and Harriettes, we are back at it again. Hopefully your livers are rested up and ready to go. 
We never have enough time to do a proper train pub crawl on a Friday night (it's been tried before), so we are doing it the next day...ALL DAY!

Start Location is accessable from Caltrain AND Millbrae BART station. It will be Fiddler's Green in Millbrae (333 El Camino Real) for a yummy Irish Breakfast (or corned beef hash & eggs, or eggs benedict, or bacon, Bacon, BACON!) washed down with Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Irish Coffees or Guinness. 
Meet when they open at 10 am. We will start the first train at 11:34 going Southbound.
We will have a lunch stop in Redwood City.

What you need: an all day train pass from zone 2 to zone 4 (if you plan to do the entire crawl) for only $16.50. (Buy it at any station.) This will get you from Millbrae to San Jose and back on one ticket. If you wish to only go as far as Zone 3, then buy a 2-zone Day Pass for $12 instead. (If you are coming from another zone, then you will need to pay accordingly from whichever zone you will be starting/ending at.) If you have a Clipper card, make sure you know the restrictions so they don't gouge you. Webpage for fares:

Also, you will need I.D. and money. The hash itself will be free, you just pay for what you consume! 
Don't forget to pack your extra drinking liver! You will need it.

Join or quit any time you like. Trail will be marked from the stations. Email for updates on where we are and we may be able to let you know where we are. No promises though.

Also, there will be a hare at some point in the day to do a simultaneous hash from station to station without being on the train If you want some exercise, then drink with us, r*n to the next station, drink with us again!

PATCHES! Brand new patches for the "Hobo Caltrain Pub Crawl" have been acquired! Douche will be selling them for $5 each.

Hares: Douche of Hazzard & Fistful of Cum and another secret hare for r*nning. The hares will be with the pack the entire time. (No snaring allowed.) They need to be with the pack to make sure all hounds get on and off at the correct stops (since we are skipping some).

Remember, you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning!!!