Pink Full Moon - an FMH3 takeover of Fog City

Fully Mooned/Fog City

Hare: Squeal 4 Me and Tuna on Top

When: April 28 2018, 01:00 PM

Cost: $5

Start: Duboce Park

On On On: More bar crawling! Lookout on Market St


Hear Ye, Beer Ye...
The time has come for Her Skankiness to exercise imperial ambitions, and expand Her Reign to neighbouring kennels. We shall target the territory of Fog City H3 on the auspicious eve of the Pink Full Moone.

The Invasion shall commence on Saturday the 28th of April. In concession to the customs of our target colony, We shall allow for a R*n in the afternoon, proceeded by traditional feasting and libations. The strength of the FMH3 shall build as evening falls, empowered by the rising of the Pink Full Moone, and thus the Imperial Takeover shall begin. We expect the Takeover to transition smoothly, as our target colony of Fog City H3 is accustomed to concluding their R*ns with drunken revelry.

The garment of our Battle shall be Pink in colour. Prepare accordingly, My Subjects, and Your Dicktater shall be pleased. And there shall be much rejoicing.

UPDATE: We will also be accepting monetary donations that will go to SVH3's Red Dress Run, who's charity is the Second Harvest Food Bank. 

$5 fee is for circle beer/snacks