San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #1891
Revenge of the MUNI Trail
Monday, August 27, 2018, 6:15 pm
: Mission & 1st
: Do Her Well
: $7
: Kate O'Brien's
: Southside Spirit House

A late contender for worst trail of the year.


Please bring your CLIPPER cards/ bus fare and show up on TIME. Bags should be in the sag by 6:40-- the MUNI portion of the trip departs at 6:45!

Trail will be A to B with circle at B-- this is a quick ride back (again on MUNI!) for the on After.


This means even if you are a walker you are MUNI-ing.


B is a SECRET until hash time.


Secret MUNI Trail FAQ:

Q: How much is MUNI?

A: With a CLIPPER card your fare would be $2.50, whereas if you pay with cash it's $2.75 (Exact Change!). Within 2 hours any other MUNI ride would count as a transfer. Depending on how long circle runs or if you find a hookup at B, you probably should have on hand fare to go both ways.


Q: Really?

A: Yes. Really. You will be experiencing the finest pubic transit SF has to offer.


Q: So I have to show up on time? What happens if I am late?

A: Check this space and/or facebook at approximately 6:30-6:45. Details will be updated so late-cummers will know where we are headed and can make appropriate transit decisions.


Q: Why is this necessary?

A: It's not.

A2: It will be worth it. Probably.


Q: Should I bring virgins to this trail?

A: My first trail we convinced one of those mobile streetcar drivers to take us on a joyride and I threw up sometime around 2 AM. I also met my future husband. I have been disappointed by hashing ever since. If your virgins have a phobia of MUNI, you should probably blindfold them so they don't know they are on MUNI.


Q: That doesn't answer my question about bringing virgins.

A: Virgins are mandatory.

Q: Can we castigate the hare afterwards if we are not satisfied?

A: Look, if you are really and truly disappointed by your SFH3 experience, and you manage to think of a punishment that is non-permanent/non-sexual and cost effective, and you devise it on your own initiative, I am more than happy to be subject to the whims of an angry mob.