San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #1903
Monday, November 19, 2018, 6:15 pm
: McCovey Cove
: Golden Snowball and Fleshlight
: $7
: Drake's 1500 pale
: Woodbury
: Local Tap
: Do Her Well

Super close to the 4th and king caltrain stop for those south bayers wanting a good time. Stupid close to the N, E or the KT ? stop @ the ballpark. A little over a mi?? from the Powell, Montgomery or embarcadero BART stations. 


Its the end of the world!!! 

Expect a long hard vigorous pounding of pavement amoung the most voluptuous hills the city has to offer. Trail will be 20 miles with maximum shiggy and and limited hydration options.... Just kidding. My lungs hurt. Trail will be flat and easy (like your mother) and plenty of booze beacuse staying hydrated is critical in these trying times (1 BC and 1 shot check).

Trail: 3.69 miles

BC: 1

Shot Checks: 1

Current Air Quality index: 

No Turkey Eagle split, but anyone who want to sit/drink this one out here is a DIY bar crawl trail (It's like arts and crafts. Except, to be honest, nobody trusts you with scissors)

We think prelube has drink specials (during the football game): $5 pint or shot of the month and decent specials on beer shot combos.

On after serves food till 11 (as per menu)