San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #1914
Superb Owl Hangover Trail
Monday, February 4, 2019, 6:15 pm
: Russian Hill Park, on Bay Street between Hyde and Larkin
: Can't Eat Pussy
: $7
: Black Butte Porter
: Black Magic Voodoo Lounge
: San Francisco Brewing Company
: Do Her Well

Hungover from watching the Superb Owl last night? Your favorite team win? Great! come run and drink to celebrate! Your favorite team lose? Great! Come run and drink to blame the refs! Tired of watching Boston and Los Angeles play each other in all the sportsball championships? (Go Patriots!) Great! Come run and drink to celebrate the puppy bowl; it's always the best part of the Superb Owl!

Promises/Lies: Short, flat trail. New trail mark (to most of you anyway). Drink Quest. Spiteful YBF. Water crossings. Superb Owls.


Superb Owl