Coyotes and Bears and Stairs; Oh My!

SFH3 run #1977

Hare: 3 Fingers

When: April 19 2021, 06:15 PM

Start: SOTA parking lot, O'Shaughnessy Blvd near Portola Dr.

On On On: Hungry? Take your pick! Tower Burger, Round Table Pizza, Taqueria Miraloma, 729-755 Portola at Evelyn.


Coyotes and Bears and Stairs; Oh My!  

Short 5 miles for r*nners; 3 miles for walkers.  Coyote and (Castro) bear sightings not guaranteed, but you will be on their turf!  Stairs and views guaranteed!  Walkers start on same trail with r*nners; there will be a shortcut along the way marked by a W - R split.  "Checks" will be marked as splits; first mark after the split and you are ON!   

43, 44, 48, K, L, M all stop within two blocks: