San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run
SnoBall 2021
Saturday, December 11, 2021, 1:00 pm
: See below!
: Can't Eat Pussy and Cockagami
: Uzay Gallery, 199 Capp Street

For main event registration, please see here: The Snoball dinner begins at 6 PM at Uzay Gallery. There is both a pubcrawl and trail beforehand, you can show up at one, clone yourself and show up at both, or just cum as your lovely, fancy self at dinner. Dinner attendees show up at 6PM, drinks only attendees can show up at 8PM. After the venue closes at 11PM, we will abscond to a local bar. Trail information is below:

Pub Crawl Brunch start: Meet starting at 1PM at Brickhouse on Brannan. NOTE: Trail will not overlap with muggle SantaCon (those amateurs can't hold their booze), but Christmas outfits are encouraged! Follow @SFH3Santa on Twitter for location updates.

R*n start: 1PM Duboce Park, Steiner and Duboce.

Snoball Venue Open: 6 PM for the diners. It might be a good idea to leave some time between running trail (or crawling from pub to pub if you are a sweaty crawler) to clean up. 



Dick the Halls! Snoball rides again, and Cockagami and Can't Eat Pussy are ready to get your livers primed and ready. If you have been a particularly naughty one this year, you probably already know that Santacon is delivering its goodies on December 11th as well. Join Cockagami if you want to show all the amateur St. Nicks how it is really done with a tour of SOMA's favorite watering North Poles.

Meanwhile, Can't Eat Pussy and Dickweed have some coal for the stockings of the r*nners in our midst, with a 4-mile turkey and 6-mile eagle trail primed to have us all waiting to rest on Santa's lap later that night.

R*nning trail will provide beer (although you may see pub-crawlers on a the way, so please bring ID/cash/vax card just in case), so please prepare to pay hash cash ($7) if you are not attending Snoball proper later this evening.