San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #2184
Leftover Green Beer R*n
Monday, March 18, 2024, 6:15 pm
: Muff Snatcher's tree (Funston Ave. south of Geary)
: Cheese Turd; Handpump
: 57 °F / 14 °C, clear, gentle breeze.
: $7
: Hamm's (the beer refreshing!)
: Nag's Head on Geary @ 18th Ave.
: Stein's on Clement Str. @ 8th Ave.

Cum on MUNI!!!  Geary #38 is always a crowd pleaser, and the #28 across Park Presidio and 19th Ave. is too.


It's just one day after St. Patty's Day, so bring a new hickey to show the pack.  But please leave yesterday's green undies at home.  The clocks have have changed to spring, so trail will have no excuses for being extra, extra sh*tty.  Plan to drink accordingly.