San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #2190
Short, Straight, and Shitty*
Monday, April 29, 2024, 6:15 pm
: Duboce Park
: Blow Queen
: 57 °F / 14 °C, clear, fresh breeze.
: $7
: Who knows? Not Barebottle's Dusty Jr, anyway.
: Toronado
: Churchill Cocktail bar
: Do Her Well

There is nothing special about this run. It's just another boring loop around Duboce Park with absolutely nothing to celebrate or be happy about. Who knows, it might not even leave the park. I'm sure you'll hate it. The beer will be really bad too. Just some stale, watery crap and definitely not a fresh & delicious hazy Barebottle NEIPA. So it's not worth even coming. Just leave the beer to me. I'll sacrifice myself and drink it all for you. That's how nice I am. Really.*

*) Would I lie to you?

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