San Francisco H3
SFH3 Run #2192.069
B2B Saturday: Stick a Coin in My Slot (Classic Arcade Games)
Saturday, May 18, 2024, 11:00 am
: Depends on your trail!
: Can’t Rush Anal, Ska Skank, Muppet Dick, Do Her Well, Just Doesn't Get It
: Driftwood


Trail Start:
Ballbuster - Glen Park BART- Ballbusters, be advised to wear shiggy socks and maybe a long sleeved shirt.
Turkey/eagle/pub crawl - Franklin Square Park

Ballbuster - 11:30 gather and force hares into the abyss, 12:00 pack away!
Turkey/eagle trail - 1:30pm prelube, 1:45 hares away, 2:00 pack away!
Pub crawl - 12 noon prelube (aka brunch), 2:00 everyone away!

Circle:  Victoria Manalo Draves Park Hash Twat or FB group / event if you get lost. Circle to start around 3:30 or 4 PM.

Venue: Mars Bar. Venue opens at 5PM

End Time: 9PM

On After: Driftwood (8th and Folsom)

Trail: All are A to B

What to bring: Cash, ID, used liver, defiled virgins.

What you get: Prelube, then join a shitty trail around the city. Cum back for dinner, more drinking and dancing, and all the fun you can convince a halfmind to join in on!

If you want to r*n the Ballbuster only (booo), please bring $10. You'll get a sh*tty trail and beer, but no venue access.