SFH3 Run #1868: The Farewell Hash
: 03/19/2018
: Front and Pacific, Sydney Walton Square Park
: Weekend at Abba’s and Fit Bitch
: Do Her Well

One Hash More


Weekend At Abba’s stood in the center of the stage, spotlight slowly growing brighter on her blonde cranium. She lifted her eyes and began to sing:


“One hash more
Another trail, another destiny
This never-ending road to my Thai vacay
Cockamole seems to know my crime
The virgins’ll come a second time
One hash more!”


Fit Bitch joined her side:

“I did not lay until today
How can I hare when we are parted?"


Lady Bird On My Johnson and Just James chorused:

“One hash more,”


Reverse Schoolgirl jumped in:

“Tomorrow Hand Pump is miles away
And yet with him, my drinking’s started.”

Douchicorn lifted his voice:

“One more trail all on my own

 Will we ever FRB again?

One more hash, Dual Tools not caring,

I was born to search with you,

What a hash I might have known

And I swear the trail is true

But he never saw me there.”


Buck Fucka grabbed Pole Her Bare’s hand:

“One more hash before the storm

Do I follow where she goes?

Or to Brown Eye at the beer check

Shall I join Big Cock Chains there?

When a line begins to form

Do I stay and do I drink?

Will Good Shit take his place with me?
The time is now, Infinite Butthole is here

One trail more!”


Mouth Down South chorused:

“One day more to pet these doggies
Like Sister Fister’s bestest bud
We'll be ready for these puppies
They will wag themselves in mud!”


Muff Daddy laughed:

“Watch 'em run amuck
Got Wood takes the fall
Shaft’s got no luck
At the hares’ free for all
Here's a little 'nip'
There a little 'fuck'
Most of them are drunkards
So they won't score much.”


Fuck Norris and Bloqueen stood side by side.


FN:  “One hash to a new beginning!"

BQ: “Raise the flagon of freedom high!”

FN: “Every hare will be a king!”

BQ: “Every hare will be Bloqueen!”

FN: “There's a new keg for the drinking!”

BQ: “There's a new keg to be won”

Together: “Do you hear the circle sing?”



Bi-erectional leapt to the front:

 “The Uniballer is here, we’ll drink with you

One hash more!”


Rent Whore cried out:

“I did not live until today!

How can I live -– has someone sharted?”


Meanwhile Dick Ass Mother Fucker and Stinky Floss lurked in the background:

“We will join these unnamed hashers

We will follow where they go
We will learn Just Bridget’s secrets

We will know the dirt she knows!”


Bloody Good Head screamed:

One hash more!


Pepe Le Poop and The Perfect Woman chorused:

“Tomorrow we'll be worlds away
Tomorrow is the hangover day”


The entire pack joined together:


“Tomorrow we'll discover
What Double Man Cum has in store
One more trail
One more keg
One hash more!”


“Cut! That’s a wrap!” Dick Simmons closed the curtain.



Little Sissy Pants Hasher Boy and Yessiryesshesfat packed up the stage, while Gloryhole tried to convince Fuck Buddy and Wee Wee to preorder the collector’s edition release on VHS.