SFH3 Run #1560
: 09/03/2012
: Crocker Amazon Playground
: Cherry Poppins & Handpump
: Hand Pump

SFH3 Hash #1560 - TRI CITY HASH


There was “good news” and there was “bad news”  connected with the second attempt by Cherry Poppins and Hand Pump to show the hash three cities, twelve total miles of trail and some awesome views.  The good news was that it didn’t rain as it did on attempt #1 just short of one year ago.  The bad news was that the fog rolled in.  The good news was that the fog bank was only about 1000 feet thick.  The bad news was that the trail up San Bruno Mountain topped off at about 850 feet above sea level.  The good news was that the fog was not thick enough to wipe away the trail marks, and that the pack found true trail most of the way.  The bad news was that the fog was not thick enough to hide Hand Pumps mistaken placement of a false sign close enough on a side trail that the FRBs saw it and turned the entire Eagle pack around.  The good news was that this saved them from the fog-soaked downhill gnarly shiggy that the Turkeys did have to negotiate.  The bad news was that the fog was thick enough that no one saw any of the promised views, and that Just Doesn’t Get It ran right past the Beer Check.  The good news is that I took pictures of the views that the hares wanted the pack to see.  It’s not at all the same as being there, but I think you will see why we chose to lay trail in what certainly turned out to be a windswept, cold, and god-forsaken section of three cities.

The first five photos show the view from the bench on the trail marked as L1. The features shown include

  1. The only operating quarry on the SF Peninsula. 
  2. Crocker Industrial Park in Brisbane. 
  3. Construction in the Mission Blue Complex. This shortened the Turkey Trail by 1 mile. 
    • Mt. Diablo in the far background. 
    • Hunters Point Shipyard—Large Crane with missle catching attachment from cold war.
    • Recology Transfer Station AKA The Dump.
    • Cal-Train Station and Tracks. Former Southern Pacific Rail Classification Yard, including engine roundhouse.
    • PG&E Electric Distribution Yard. Cow Palace Stock Yards. 
    • Downtown SF including the Bay Bridge in background. 
    • McLaren Park. 
    • The Cow Palace, annual site of the Grand National Rodeo, current home of the SF Bulls(hockey), former home of the SF Warriors(basketball), SF Seals(hockey), San Jose Sharks(hockey), 1964 Republican National Convention. 
    • Former drive in movie theater.


More to follow!!!